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Atlantic Dermatology, P.A. now offers VIVEVE!
Treatment for Women’s Intimate Health

Do you or your loved one experience:

  • Vaginal Dryness?
  • Decreased or lack of sexual sensation/arousal?
  • Urinary leakage when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise?
  • Looseness or vaginal laxity?

You are not alone…..


Learn how a Viveve Treatment can significantly improve your life!

Viveve is a nonsurgical radiofrequency treatment that rebuilds vaginal tissue. The treatment improves vaginal lubrication, sensation, orgasm, and provides support to the urethra decreasing urinary leakage. During treatment a small treatment tip is inserted just inside the vaginal opening and alternately cools the surface and heats the soft tissue beneath. This generates new collagen providing structure and strength to decrease vaginal tissue laxity and restore sensation.



Atlantic Dermatology has partnered with Physical Therapy for Women to offer you the most comprehensive Viveve Treatment approach available nationwide. All women receive a free Viveve consultation consisting of pelvic floor education, an internal vaginal assessment and individualized recommendations to maximize their pelvic floor awareness & health. Four month and one year Viveve follow-ups are included to ensure you achieve the best results possible. This education combined with the Viveve Treatment empowers women and promotes optimal treatment success. We will discuss your goals, personal recommendations, and help you decide how Viveve can improve your life!

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Am I a candidate for a Viveve Treatment?

Women who are over the age of 18 that are experiencing vaginal dryness, pain/discomfort during vaginal intercourse, decreased sensation during vaginal intercourse, decreased or lack of arousal/orgasm, or stress urinary incontinence (involuntary loss of urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise) may all benefit from a Viveve Treatment. Viveve is the perfect procedure for women looking to raise their self-confidence or sexual self-image.

How do I know if I will benefit from a Viveve Treatment?

At Atlantic Dermatology, P.A., you will receive a private consultation a physical therapist who specializes in Women’s Health. She will provide you with education regarding your pelvic floor health, complete an internal vaginal assessment, and discuss any recommendations based on your individual findings. The physical therpais will answer your questions regarding how a Viveve Treatment may help improve your life! She will also recommend things you can do at home to optimize your long-term success.

Who will be providing the Viveve Treatment at Atlantic Dermatology, P.A.?

Women will meet with one of our Providers prior to the treatment to discuss any questions they may have regarding the Viveve Treatment. All Viveve Treatments will be completed by a Female Viveve Trained Specialist.

How long does a Viveve Treatment take?

The Viveve treatment lasts approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours to complete depending on your specific symptoms and treatment choice.

Is the Viveve Treatment uncomfortable during/after?

You will be made comfortable throughout the Viveve Treatment session. You may read, use a mobile device, or just simply relax in a calming environment as the treatment is completed. The Viveve treatment uses a patented cryogen cooling system making the treatment comfortable and not requiring any local or topical numbing medication. There is no down-time after the Viveve treatment and you can resume normal activity that day.

How many Viveve treatments will I need?

The Viveve Treatment is a single-session treatment. However, at Atlantic Dermatology, P.A. during your consult and/or treatment you will be given specific pelvic floor health recommendations and pelvic floor exercises to continue at home to maximize your results and overall pelvic health.

When will I see results?

Typically women begin experiencing results in 2-4 weeks and will reach the full treatment benefit by approximately 90-120 days. This is the length of time needed to generate new and restore existing collagen, strengthening the vaginal tissue. As with any medical procedure results vary based on a patient’s baseline and individual response to treatment.

Is there anything I can do along with the Viveve Treatment to improve my symptoms?

Based on your Viveve Consult, it may be recommended to see a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist for additional rehab. This additional therapy can help increase your awareness/control of the pelvic floor muscles, address your core strength potential, educate you in ideal bowel/bladder habits and lifestyle changes to protect your pelvic floor. This will also give you the opportunity to address any pelvic pain, scar tissue, weakness, or prolapse issues you may be experiencing. The Viveve Treatment combined with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can be a winning treatment plan for those with more complex situations. We will guide you every step along the way!

What exactly is Vaginal Laxity?

Just like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers. Over time or with trauma the collagen can lose its strength and shape, creating a feeling of looseness (laxity), especially around the vaginal opening. Common causes of vaginal laxity include childbirth, other physical stress on the tissue, aging, genetic pre-disposition and lifestyle. Women with vaginal laxity may also notice a decreased feeling of sensation during intercourse. A Viveve Treatment works at the cellular level to rebuild and restore collagen, without harming the vaginal opening. Viveve is specifically designed for vaginal laxity and sexual function and has been shown to be safe and effective.

How common is sexual dysfunction (vaginal dryness/decreased or lack of sensation) or urinary incontinence in women?

Rest assured you are not alone if you experience vaginal dryness, decreased sensation during intimacy, or urinary leakage. Unfortunately 40% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction, and 50% experience urinary incontinence. The good news is that Viveve is now available at Atlantic Dermatology, P.A. to provide you with a safe, comfortable, non-surgical option to counter the physical changes that are impacting your daily life.

Why should I choose the Viveve Treatment over other options available?

There are certainly other treatments available for vaginal laxity/sexual function. However many of these options are much more invasive, costly, lack efficacy, and require multiple treatments. Viveve is the ONLY non-invasive, single session treatment solution available. By using cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency, this allows the Viveve System to deliver energy to all vaginal tissue layers-thereby stimulating production of new collagen.  The Viveve Treatment is a 1-1 ½ hour treatment that does not require topical anesthesia or analgesics. By partnering with a physical therapist that specializes in women's health, Atlantic Dermatology ensures that you are getting a comprehensive approach to relieving your symptoms and living your best life.

What is the cost to receive a Viveve Treatment at Atlantic Dermatology, P.A.?

All Viveve Packages include a Viveve Consult, Viveve Treatment, 4 month, and 1-year follow-up. Prices range from $2500.00-$3000.00 depending on the specific Viveve treatment protocol selected based on your symptoms. Please call for further details.

Why should I choose Atlantic Dermatology, P.A. in Wilmington, NC for my Viveve Treatment?

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the team at Atlantic Dermatology, P.A. seeks to provide you with the highest quality patient care in a professional, friendly, and educational environment. This is the level of care your friends and family in the Wilmington region have come to expect from Atlantic Dermatology, P.A. To continue to provide our Viveve patients with the most comprehensive care available, Atlantic Dermatology has partnered with Jennifer Shepherd, a Physical Therapist that has specialized in Women’s Health, specifically pelvic floor health, for over 21 years. This ensures that patients receive the much needed pelvic health education and assessment allowing them to choose the most suitable treatment plan and optimize their level of success.

What if I dont live in the Wilmington Area, but I want to receive the Viveve Treatment at Atlantic Dermatology, P.A.?

We are very confident in the high level of care that we provide for all of our patients considering the Viveve Treatment. We believe that our unique treatment approach not only provides women with a high quality Viveve Treatment in a comfortable atmosphere, but also allows us the opportunity to empower women with important knowledge about their bodies, the changes that can occur, and things that can be done to optimize your pelvic health. Too often women accept changes that happen to our bodies as just a result of having children, surgery, medical issues, or getting older. Atlantic Dermatology, P.A. wants to give women conservative and safe options to address women’s intimate health issues in a positive and comfortable environment. If you do not live in the Wilmington area, but would like to experience our unique Viveve Treatment Approach-we encourage you to call us to discuss your scheduling needs. We have extended hours into Friday evening, and can arrange consults and treatments to be completed on the same day-therefore minimizing your travel time. Since there is no down-time following the Viveve Treatment, our out of town guests can immediately take advantage of our beautiful Coastal Community, or return immediately to their hometown.

  • Do you have vaginal dryness during intercourse or throughout the day?

  • Have you noticed a decrease in physical sensation during intimacy?

  • Do you have a decreased ability or inability to achieve an orgasm?

  • Does your vagina feel loose during intimacy?

  • Do tampons feel like they are slipping out?

  • Do you experience urinary leakage when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise?

**If you answered yes to any of those questions-now is the time for you to reach out to Atlantic Dermatology, P.A. and see how our team can help you live your best life!

It's time to celebrate the power of YOU with The Viveve Treatment

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